1. What is a Tiny Pony Toy?
The Tiny Pony Toy is a little software usually known as screen mate or desktop toy.

2. How it works?
Just open the .exe file you purchased. Drag and drop through your desktop the Tiny Pony Toy as many times as you want.

3. How can I close the application?
Click on the Tiny Pony Toy and press ESC (escape) on your keyword.

4. Which are the System Requirements?
The Tiny Pony Toy works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2000. You should have at least 128 MB RAM. Try downloading the free demo before purchasing in order to check how it will work under your system.

5. Tiny Pony Toys works on MAC?

6. What is Oronjo.com, is it safe?
Is the online file storing service used. Yes is safe.

7. How can I buy a Tiny Pony Toy?
Using PayPal. Just click the "buy" button under the Tiny Pony you want to purchase and follow the easy steps throug Oronjo.com

8. Are there going to be new Tiny Pony Toys?
Yes! The Tiny Pony Toy collection is a growing one, so be around in order to check any news.

9. If I have any questions or suggestions where should I write?
You can write to this email.